Cow Parade London, U.K.2000

CowParade has become one of the most successful public art exhibits because it is literally open for all to see, unlike galleries and museums millions view their work and artists receive an honorarium for their participation. None of this would be possible however, without the support of our sponsors.

Interested in becoming part of the herd? Find out how to become a sponsor in upcoming CowParade events.

BTopenworld is a mass market internet business delivering services to approximately 1.3 million customers in the UK via BTinternet and BTopenworld broadband.

Visit their Website.

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Cards Inc
mooPatchwork Cow
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Carpenters School
mooCowpenters Cow
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Sir James Cayzer
mooCeltic Cow
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mooChampmoo Cow
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Chelsfield PLC
mooCower Bridge
mooCowLine Transporter
mooTill the Cows Come Home
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mooThe Mapped Mooer
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mooCowmoon Miranda
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Credit Suisse First Boston
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