Cow Parade London, U.K.2000


Swiss-born artist Pascal Knapp is the creator of the three cow sculptures used in CowParade New York 2000 and CowParade Chicago 1999 and the upcoming events in Kansas City, Houston and London. Mr. Knapp, who now resides in the state of New York, originally sculpted the cows for "Land Ahoy – Off to Zurich", a public art event staged in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998.

In December of 1996, Pascal’s father, Walter Knapp (an artist in his own right, and originator of the cow parade concept,) asked Pascal to design a life-size cow which in fiberglass form would function as a unique, three dimensional canvas for artists participating in the proposed Zurich art exhibition. Pascal accepted the assignment and, for the next five weeks spent in Switzerland, worked tirelessly on the very first cow sculpture, a standing cow with its head up. He began by constructing an armature of wood, styrofoam and wire mesh. After many modifications and about two tons of modeling clay, he achieved his finshed sculpture.

The completed prototype retained the friendly cow appearance while at the same time significantly deviating from the actual cow anatomy to produce surfaces, angles and curves which would serve to challenge and inspire the artist. It was so well received that the Zurich Retailers Association, which was sponsoring the Zurich event, almost immediately approved the production of the mold from which the fiberglass copies of the clay model later were made. In the summer of 1997, Pascal began the laborious process once again and created the clay models of the reclining and grazing cows which complimented the initial cow sculpture.

The three Pascal Knapp sculptures now have been utilized by several thousand artists throughout the world. No two paintings are alike. Pascal, by virtue of his creative genius, has introduced an entirely new art form which has been readily accepted by artists.

Famous in Europe for his granite and steel sculptures, Pascal’s cows bear no resemblance to his oeuvre. But when his father called, he could not refuse, and a great and ultimately international charitable movement was born.  

Presently, Pascal is working on a top-secret, fourth cow sculpture which will be displayed in future CowParade events.

Learn more about his work at or learn why the CowParade uses cows...

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