Cow Parade London, U.K.2000


A cow eats about 100 pounds of grass each day.

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Title: Cow-bernet Sauvignon
Location: Berkeley Square
Artist: Charlotte Ardizzone
Sponsor: Golden Vineyards

Charlotte Ardizzone of Norfolk is a professional artist and a graduate of St.Martins School of Art.

With exhibitions world wide, Charlotte is the youngest artist ever to exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
The design is based on wine growing and all its associated activities. And yes, "Cow-bernet Sauvignon's" wine bottles are empty...

This cow was one of the 60 most spectacular cows of CowParade London 2002. It was sold at a gala auction to benefit ChildLine on 10 October 2002 at Sotheby's Olympia.

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