Cow Parade London, U.K.2000


In every herd, there is one bull for every 30 cows.

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Title: The Art Fund Cowlection
Location: Royal Exchange Courtyard
Artist: Stephen Gibbs
Sponsor: Art Fund Collection

Stephen Gibbs of Essex is a specialist in watercolours and drawings.

The National Art Collections Fund, the largest charity supporting the arts in the UK, ran a competition for its members to design a cow. This is the wining entry.

"The Art Fund is primarily interested in the promotion of the Preservation and Enrichment of art. Taking this concept as a starting point of a design, I considered what art form could be alluded to for the idea of Preservation."

This cow was one of the 60 most spectacular cows of CowParade London 2002. It was sold at a gala auction to benefit ChildLine on 10 October 2002 at Sotheby's Olympia.

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