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The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association is Australia's award winning and leading organisation in Visitor Information Services.

It is a non-profit organisation with a diverse range of members offering a variety of product to enhance and enrich the visitor experience. The Association operates two Visitor Centres, including Margaret River and Augusta, and has been offering Visitor Services for more than 50 years.

Margaret River is renowned for its world-famous, award-winning wines, but offers much more to do and see. From cellar doors and wineries, to accommodation, galleries, food experiences, tours, caves, lighthouses, forests and beaches, the region offers incredible diversity.

The Association also operates the majestic Mammoth, Jewel and Lake caves which are ideal for the visiting intrastate, interstate and international visitors. With a combination of guided and self guided tours, these caves are an amazing and breathtaking experience. The caves in the Margaret River Region are unique with their reflective and diverse range of crystalline formations and are some of the youngest caves in the world. Each of the caves have a fascinating history to tell, from the most popular form of tourism in the early 1900's through to the unique Megafauna remains from 50,000 years ago.

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, is the other jewel in the crown for the Association. Situated at the most south-westerly tip of Australia it is also the dramatic meeting point of the Indian and Southern oceans. Hear the stories of shipwrecks, discovery and whales.

Together these attractions have become tourism icons and serve as a drawcard for intrastate, interstate and international visitors to the region.

The $1.7 million Margaret River Visitor Centre and its award winning Wine Tourism Showroom offer a fabulous information service to the visitor, including free maps of the region, a regional visitor guide and great advice and knowledge of the local region. The Association's brand, now a registered trademark, is synonymous with one of the world's great holiday experiences.

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Art is about breaking down barriers. It gets people to feel, to think, to react. So when you come across life-sized cow sculptures that have been covered in mirrors or gumdrops, cows that have been painted with elaborate themes or transformed into something else entirely, you can’t help but stop and think about what it means. All your preconceived ideas go out the window. Suddenly people see that art can be fun and that art can be interesting to everyone, not just people who frequent museums. Peter Haning
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